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Some YouTube TV Subscribers To Temporarily Lose Local CW Stations Tonight


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YouTube TV has started emailing subscribers to let them know that they will lose access to their local CW station. According to the email, affected CW stations will become unavailable starting from 11:59 pm ET on August 31st.

It would seem that this is the result of changes to various local CW stations owned by CBS, due to take place on September 1st. While the email does not specify this is the reason, the timing does suggest that, as the stations changeover, YouTube TV subscribers won’t have access to those stations.

If this is reason, then we would expect YouTube TV subscribers in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tampa to be affected.

In the email, YouTube TV makes clear that this is a temporary issue, and one that’s “due to technical issues from The CW.” YouTube TV goes on to say that it is “continuing to work with your local CW station to resume availability soon.”

For those affected, how soon is going to be the question, and one that YouTube doesn’t seem to be keen on providing an answer to just yet.

As is usually the case with any changes to YouTube TV’s channel lineup, subscribers won’t only lose access to the live CW channel, but also any recordings made in the past from the channel.

Similar to how it is currently unclear as to when the stations will be restored, it also remains unclear whether any of those library recordings will become available again, if and when the affected CW stations return.

In the meantime, YouTube TV is recommending that affected subscribers head over to The CW website to watch select on demand content from The CW.

For any YouTube TV subscribers that haven’t received the email, then it is likely they don’t live in an area that’s affected by the temporary loss of local CW stations.

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