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Some YouTube TV Users Receiving 2 Weeks Free After Heat-Celtics Fail


YouTube TV Buffering

A number of YouTube TV users have reported receiving two weeks of service for free after registering a complaint about the issue last night that interrupted the end of the game between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.

For those unaware of what happened, during the fourth quarter of the game last night, YouTube TV encountered an issue which interrupted viewing. According to some user reports at the time, the game was replaced with The Little Mermaid trailer on loop.

The issue then seemed to spread with YouTube later confirming that a playback issue was present when watching content on multiple channels.

While the issue has since been fixed, many subscribers remain unhappy with the experience. After all, YouTube TV only recently increased the price with members now paying a minimum of $72.99 per month for live TV. Speaking of the cost, some members have confirmed that YouTube TV offered them two weeks of service for free. Effectively, half-off the cost of a month of live TV.

It would appear that YouTube TV is not just giving this credit out to all subscribers. Instead, all of the confirmations have come from users that have manually requested a refund or credit by either filling out the Contact us form or the Request a refund form.

A message posted at the top of the Request a refund page does note “We’re currently experiencing high contact volumes. If you contact us, you may notice longer than normal wait times”, which is likely in response to what happened last night.

It is also worth noting that not all YouTube TV members who have reportedly filed a complaint have received a credit. So while it is possible that those who ask for one might get one, it is not a guarantee.

So far, YouTube has yet to provide a full explanation on what actually happened last night. While it has since issued a ‘fix’ statement to confirm that the issue is now resolved, it didn’t expand on what the cause of the problem was.

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