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Streaming Accounted For 36.1% Of Total TV Usage In November 2023


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Streaming accounted for 36.1% of total TV usage for the month of November 2023. This marks the fourth month in a row that the Streaming category has seen a drop in its overall market share.

Back in July of this year, Streaming accounted for 38.7% of total TV usage, and this marked a record high for the category. Since then, however, the share has continually dropped. After dropping to 38.3% in August, it dropped to 37.5% in September, and then to 36.6% in October.

With November now complete, and the data from Nielsen’s The Gauge now in, Streaming has dropped once again. This time down to 36.1% of total TV usage. Elsewhere, Broadcast accounted for 24.9%, Cable 28.3%, and Other 10.8% in November.

While Cable accounts for more than Broadcast, the latter is the one that has continually seen growth over the same months that Streaming has seen a decline. In July, for example, Broadcast stood at 20%, and has since steadily increased each month up to the latest 24.9% share for November.

Overall, the data found that total TV usage increased 5.7% during November, with Thanksgiving, and especially live sports, helping to fuel the monthly increase. Thanksgiving week also appeared to help Streaming, with the data showing a 10% increase in the last week of the month.

In terms of individual streaming services, YouTube (excluding YouTube TV) remained in the top sport with 9%. YouTube was followed by Netflix (7.4%), Prime Video (3.4%), Hulu (2.7%), Disney+ (1.9%), Peacock (1.3%), Max (1.2%), and Paramount+ (0.9%).

In terms of the free streaming services, Tubi continues to make its mark, accounting for 1.4% and placing higher than Peacock, Max and Paramount+. The Roku Channel accounted for 1% while Pluto TV accounted for 0.8% in November.

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