Streaming Accounted For 38.1% Of All TV Usage In January: Nielsen

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Streaming accounted for 38.1% of all TV usage in January 2023, according to the latest data from Nielsen. In spite of the general streaming trend, the figure for January shows little overall change compared to the total share of TV usage for the month before. In fact, it is slightly down when compared to the 38.2% noted for November, 2022.


While streaming accounted for 38.1%, cable accounted for 30.4% and broadcast accounted for 24.9%. Compared to the month before, The Gauge data shows that while cable was down by 0.5%, broadcast was up by 0.2%. This is month-over-month, however, as broadcast viewership was noted as down 6% on a year-over-year basis.

What’s potentially more important to note for January is the increase in TV usage in general. Fueled by “broadcast dramas, sports and new streaming content”, January saw an overall increase in TV usage of 1.3% compared to December, 2022. This helped streaming usage to also increase by 1.2% compared to December 2022, even though its share didn’t increase at all.


Sports in particular saw a massive jump in January, and primarily due to the NFL playoffs. According to the data, the NFL playoffs accounted for the 10 most-viewed programs during the month.

When taking a closer look at the streaming market, nothing major changed in terms of the order. YouTube (includes YouTube TV) remained top with an 8.6% share, followed by Netflix at 7.5%, Hulu (includes Hulu Live TV) at 3.5%, and Prime Video at 2.9%. Elsewhere, the catch-all Other Streaming totaled 10.9%, while Disney Plus racked up 1.7%, HBO Max 1.3%, Peacock 1%, and Pluto TV 0.8%.

Nielsen The Gauge January 2023
Source: Nielsen

If looking even closer at these numbers, Nielsen explains that Prime Video saw a bump in usage (credited to Jack Ryan and Shotgun Wedding), as did Hulu. However, Disney Plus saw a decline of 9.9% (resulting in a loss of 0.2 share points), with the drop linked to the holiday season having come to an end.

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