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Surfshark VPN App For Apple TV Is Now Available


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The Surfshark VPN app for Apple TV is now available to download, providing users of Apple’s streaming player with another virtual private network option.

Apple TV only gained support for third-party VPNs with the release of tvOS 17. Soon after tvOS 17 went live, NordVPN became one of the first popular VPN companies to launch their own app on the Apple TV platform.

For those that prefer Surfshark to NordVPN, the app can be downloaded directly through the App Store. In fact, the release of the app now makes it possible for Apple TV users to purchase, set up, and use Surfshark VPN without the need for any other device. If already using Surfshark on other devices, users can sign in with their existing account details after downloading the app on an Apple TV player.

For those new to this virtual private network service and now considering giving it a try, Surfshark claims to offer the ability to connect to more than 3,200 servers in more than 100 countries. While all users get access to the secure VPN, there are multiple subscription options to choose between, with each offering varying additional protections.

Surfshark Starter costs $59.75 for 24 months, resulting in an average cost of $2.39 a month. Surfshark One includes additional protections and costs $76.50 on a 24-month basis, breaking down to $3.06 a month on average. For those wanting even more features, Surfshark One+ costs $117.25 on a 24-month basis, which works out to be $4.69 a month on average.

All of these 24-month plans come with an additional free month (25 months in total), and if looking for a shorter subscription, there is also the option to subscribe on a 1-month or 12-month basis instead.

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