The Bally Sports App Is Down Again [Updated]

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Bally Sports is currently experiencing a technical issue that affects the ability for subscribers to access the service and stream games. This is actually the second outage Bally Sports has experienced this week.


On Monday, Bally Sports experienced a problem which stopped users of the app from being able to sign into their account. At the time, the problem was said to be the result of an issue with the service provider.

Today, Bally Sports is down again, and this appears to be a different problem altogether. Bally Sports has confirmed the issue on social media, stating it is “experiencing a streaming outage across many of our regions.”


The post goes on to explain that the team is working to identify and fix the issue, although no timeframe on when the problem will be resolved was provided.

Here’s the Bally Sports message in full:

Bally Sports is currently experiencing a streaming outage across many of our regions. We know every moment matters. The Bally Sports operations team is working quickly to identify and fix the issue. We will update you when service has been restored.”

Bally Sports Help on X

While the previous outage appeared to affect signing in, this one seems to be preventing users that are already signed in from streaming any games. Typically, Bally Sports subscribers are presented with an “Out of Bounds” error message which goes on to state “We are having trouble loading your page.”

Again, Bally Sports is aware of the issue, and is currently working on a fix. How long that will take roll out, however, is unknown.


Update 6:34pm PDT: It looks like the issue is getting closer to being resolved. Bally Sports says it is “slowly starting to regain stability, but still working on the root cause of the issue.” Whether or not this means some subscribers might now be able to access the service remains unclear, but it seems like the problem has now been identified at least, and likely to be fully fixed soon.

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Bally Sports sucks the last two games get constant “Out Of Bound” errors. Reinstalling app, rebooting Apple TV does not make a difference. Carolina Hurricanes need to find another provider. This is unwatchable.

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