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Tubi Users Unable To Access Service Due To Internal Error [Fixed]


Tubi Down Outage

Update 02/28: It looks like Tubi has now fixed this issue. If you are still encountering problems it might be worth closing the app and launching it again, or even restarting the device.

Original article: Tubi appears to be suffering from a technical problem that is stopping users from accessing the popular free streaming service. While the cause of the issue currently remains unknown, it does seem to be affecting multiple platforms and devices.

If attempting to use one of the Tubi apps, users are likely to encounter a loading icon which never actually loads. When attempting to watch through the Tubi website, users are able to access the home screen but not much else. If logged in with an account then a much clearer ‘Oh Snap!’ error message is typically seen, explaining that the problem is the result of an internal error.

Interestingly, Dish and Sling TV recently encountered what was described as an ‘internal system issue’ only for it to come to light earlier today that a cyber-security breach was actually at the root of the problem. Of course, there’s nothing to suggest that a similar issue has happened with Tubi, with the current lack of access more likely to be the result of a routine outage.

At present, Tubi, or its parent company Fox, have yet to make any public announcement on the outage, so it remains to be seen what is causing the problem. Likewise, how long users can expect the service to remain available for.

It also currently remains to be seen just how widespread the issue is. However, we’ve noticed a number of users reporting the problem online, and we’ve also encountered it ourselves as well.

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