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tvOS 17.2 Beta Provides Early Look At Apple TV App Changes (Including New Menu)


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It looks like the new tvOS 17.2 developer beta provides an early look at some of the changes coming to the Apple TV app. Earlier this week, it was reported that Apple was working on a new Apple TV app that’s designed to offer a more integrated experience.

Along with the better integration, it was also reported that the new Apple TV app would sport a left-side navigation menu, similar to those offered by Netflix and other streaming services. That appears to be what can be seen in a video shared on X today.

As the video shows, the left-side navigation menu makes it possible to quickly access different sections within the Apple TV app. For example, shortcuts to Apple TV+ and MLS Season Pass, as well as Search and Watch Now. Further down the menu, there’s a Channels & App section which includes shortcuts to third-party streaming services, making it possible for Apple TV users to jump to sections dedicated to the services they are subscribed to.

For now, the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps are still present in tvOS 17.2. The report from earlier this week suggested that these apps were due to be removed in favor of the new Apple TV app, so that’s potentially still a change that could take place with a future tvOS update.

With Store and Library shortcuts also available in the new sidebar menu, users can quickly jump to a section where they can rent or purchase titles, or access any of the purchases they’ve already made.

In terms of the rest of the Apple TV app, there’s a new My TV section available. Located beneath the Up Next and Top Charts rows, My TV offers recommendations from available first-and-third-party streaming services.

For reference, the original report suggested that the new Apple TV app design would roll out around December. If correct, Apple TV users won’t have to wait too long to gain access to the new changes.

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