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Verizon Is Offering Netflix Premium And Starz For $25.99 a Month


Verizon Netflix Starz Bundle

Verizon is now offering Netflix Premium and Starz for $25.99 a month. The bundle results in a saving of around $7 a month when compared to paying separately for both subscriptions.

The new Netflix-Starz bundle is available to all Verizon postpaid mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home subscribers, and can be purchased directly through Verizon’s +play service.

The price of Netflix Premium increased in October, with Netflix’s best plan now costing $23 a month, up from $19.99 previously. Considering a standalone Starz subscription costs $9.99 a month (following a price increase in June of last year), the two subscriptions would cost $32.98 a month if subscribed to separately. As a result, subscribers to the Netflix-Starz bundle are saving around $7 a month.

While existing Netflix Premium subscribers can also take advantage of this bundle by linking their existing account, the Netflix Premium and Starz bundle is only available to new Starz subscribers.

For those looking to save even more, it is also possible for customers with myPlan to reduce the cost by another $5 by using the myPlan monthly +play perk. Basically, customers can get $15/month in +play credit for $10 a month and use their $15 credit towards the cost of the bundle.

In reality, this isn’t quite as good of a deal as Verizon has offered in the past. For example, Verizon was previously running a ‘Netflix on us’ promotion which made it possible to get a year’s worth of Netflix Premium and Starz for only $75.

Still, for those that did miss out on that deal, as well as those that prefer to pay for their subscriptions on a monthly basis, Verizon’s latest promotion does offer access to both streaming services at a cheaper price than usual.

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