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Vimeo Wants You To Cast Videos After Killing Its TV Apps


Vimeo on TV

Vimeo is ending support for all of its TV apps later this month, resulting in a major change in device support for the video-sharing platform. If you do currently use a TV app to watch videos on Vimeo, you will need to start casting from your phone, or use a different device altogether.

Vimeo is available on a wide range of devices and has proven to be a popular streaming service with its users. While not really to the level of YouTube, it still has plenty of free content to watch and offers various paid subscription tiers that are aimed at creative professionals, businesses, and organizations.

However, it looks like the accessibility of the service will take a hit later this month when Video ends support for all of its TV apps. Specifically, Vimeo has confirmed that it will be shutting down its Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku apps on June 27, 2023.

As Vimeo explains, this means that the apps will be removed from the app stores, and that the company will stop publishing any new versions including security updates, and will stop providing technical support for the apps.

In terms of why Vimeo is killing all of its apps in one go, the company says that it’s all down to ensuring “a best-in-class playback and live streaming experience”. According to Vimeo, users will be provided with a better video experience by casting via a mobile app than using one of the dedicated apps.

And therein is Vimeo’s proposed solution for anyone still wanting to watch Vimeo videos on their TV – casting. While the company is getting rid of all of its TV apps, it will still be possible to cast videos from the Android or iOS mobile apps to a TV that supports Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast.

It would seem that Vimeo has already started showing on-screen messages to existing Vimeo TV app users advising of the change, so if you haven’t seen one yet, you likely will do soon enough.

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