Vizio TV Owners Can Now Send VIZIOgrams To Each Other

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Vizio TV owners can now send a VIZIOgram to each other. In other words, Vizio has now added support for TV owners to share photos and videos with each other through the help of their Vizio smart TVs and the Vizio mobile app.

Technically, the VIZIOgram feature went live in January of this year. However, it was only available as a public beta, requiring the user to opt-in to get a sneak peak at how the feature works. Starting today, VIZIOgram is now more widely available to Vizio TV owners. Anyone with the Vizio mobile app downloaded on their phone, and a Vizio account set up, are able to send a VIZIOgram photo or video from their mobile device.

As to be expected with a feature that allows the sharing of photos and videos, there are some safety measures in place. For example, the announcement explains how only people who are “connected and have accepted an invitation” will be able to send or receive VIZIOgrams to each other.

In addition, all VIZIOgrams are automatically deleted 7 days after they have been viewed, and even unviewed VIZIOgrams are automatically deleted 30 days after they were sent.

Vizio also states that end-to-end encryption is used to ensure a private and secure transfer between sender and receiver. However, one point to note about the encryption level is that it is still physically possible for Vizio to see what’s sent, according to this support page. While the company says it doesn’t monitor VIZIOgram content as a rule, it does specify the following:

“Authorized VIZIO personnel may access your VIZIOgram content as needed to perform system maintenance, to investigate or enforce compliance with the VIZIO Account or other applicable VIZIO Terms of Use, to protect its rights and property, and to comply with legal requirements. VIZIO does not access, use, or disclose your VIZIOgram content for other business purposes.”

Vizio support

For those interested in getting started with VIZIOgrams, the mobile app is the key here. The Android or iOS app is required to send or accept invites before any photos or videos can be exchanged. The mobile app is also what’s used to actually send the photos or videos, although the difference is that the other person’s TV is the destination and not their mobile phone.

Viziogram mobile app
Image: Vizio

For reference, the Vizio TV itself may also be a barrier to entry for some. As is the case with any new feature, not all models are automatically supported, and especially at launch. Officially Vizio says that all V-series and select M-series models from 2020 are supported.

For those unsure of whether their TV is compatible, it should be possible to check by looking for the VIZIOgram option in the Apps & Inputs row on the SmartCast home screen.

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