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You Can Watch The 2022 FIFA World Cup For Free — Just Not Live

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It is possible to watch the World Cup 2022 in the United States without actually paying for a live TV subscription, but the major caveat is that you can’t watch the games live. So long as that’s not an issue, and you can wait until shortly after a match has ended to begin watching, then Tubi is a very good and free solution.

Tubi is only one of many free streaming services currently available in the US, and like many of the others, Tubi doesn’t require the user to pay a subscription fee or even add a payment method. Put simply, the ad-supported streaming service is free and that includes everything available to watch on the platform, including coverage of this year’s World Cup tournament.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is being exclusively shown (in English) on Fox and Fox Sports 1 in the US. If a home already has over-the-air access to their local Fox station via an antenna, then it may be possible to watch some of the games for free. Telemundo is providing live and exclusive Spanish-language coverage of the World Cup and the first 12 matches will actually be available to watch for free via Peacock. Otherwise, a live TV subscription with access to Fox and FS1 will be required to watch live matches. For reference, Tubi is actually owned by Fox, which is why the free streaming service is also able to offer extensive coverage of the World Cup.

Tubi has already confirmed that it will be making every game from this year’s World Cup available to watch on demand. As this is a completely free service, there is no cost to stream any or all of the games, making it possible to watch the World Cup for free, just not live. These on-demand versions are due to become available 30 minutes after the live version has ended.

The only other caveat to be aware of is that Tubi is requiring users to create a free account to access all the replays and additional content. While an account is not typically needed for Tubi, it is still free to create (username and email address required) and does come with some additional benefits, such as the ability to continue watching videos and the ability to add videos to a personalized watchlist.

Making the most of Tubi’s World Cup 2022

In addition to full replays of every World Cup match, Tubi is also offering a FIFA World Cup FAST channel. This can be accessed through the live TV guide and is a quick and easy way to just jump into the action during the tournament. While the live TV channel won’t be showing any live games, it will routinely be showing full replays of matches. This is also in addition to highlight compilation videos and some Fox Sports World Cup content.

Tubi World Cup Channel
Tubi’s FIFA World Cup live channel

As mentioned, games will also be available to watch on-demand at any time. Users can simply head over to the Tubi website, find the game they want to watch, and hit play once it becomes available. As Tubi is an ad-supported streaming service, ads will be shown. However, ads won’t appear during each 45-minute half. Instead, viewers can expect to see some ads before matches and during the halftime interval.

What’s more, all of the World Cup 2022 replays are due to be available to watch in 4K. Considering Tubi is a free service, this is quite the premium experience. In comparison, those paying for a live TV streaming package may also have to pay extra each month for access to 4K feeds. Depending on the service and plan, there may not even be an option to watch live events in 4K, including the World Cup.

Watching the 2022 World Cup for free: summary

Thanks to Tubi, it is possible to watch every 2022 World Cup game on demand for free. Although the games won’t be shown live, the delay is only 30 minutes following the end of the live match, making Tubi a good way to watch the World Cup without paying for a live TV plan. Games will also be available in 4K, and there is a dedicated live channel that continuously plays replays and additional content.

For those that do want to watch all of the action unfold in real time, there are plenty of options available. Multiple live TV streaming services carry Fox and FS1, and range in price between $40 and $70. Even with a paid live TV plan, 4K might not be available, making Tubi a good option for catching up on the games that matter most in the highest resolution possible.

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