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WOW! To Replace Existing Video Services With YouTube TV


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WideOpenWest, or more simply, WOW!, has confirmed a deal that will see the internet, cable and phone provider begin to offer YouTube TV as its main live television offering. Considering WOW! is a cable company, this does mark a major shift in what its customers will be able to sign up for in the future.

The last few years have seen a number of traditional companies pivot to offering streaming alternatives to their existing services. While these streaming options are third-party services, they still make it possible for companies to continue to provide customers with the ability to bundle services and payments.

That’s exactly what is now happening with WOW! Going forward, the company will be offering YouTube TV as the pay-TV service that’s bundled with its other services. The company has confirmed that the plan is to completely discontinue the marketing and selling of its own TV services, including WOW! tv+.

With its own TV services coming to an end, this change not only affects new customers but existing ones as well. According to WOW!, the migration of its existing residential video customers to YouTube TV will begin this summer. In the meantime, WOW! says that it will continue to maintain and support its current video services.

WOW! has yet to confirm exactly when it will begin offering YouTube TV to new customers, or pricing, but does say that both current and prospective residential video customers will be able to take advantage of special promotional offers to purchase YouTube TV.

The company also touted a number of benefits of being a YouTube TV subscriber including the “robust channel lineup,” NFL Sunday Ticket, Key Plays, and Multiview. All of which are available to anyone signing up to YouTube TV directly.

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  1. C Crumbley Avatar
    C Crumbley

    I have been looking forward to ending Cable tv (and it’s ever increasing price) for internet provided tv service instead. It should be a substantial cost savings. I am a current WOW! customer – receiving Cable TV, internet, and telephone with total monthly charges at about $280 per month.(no premium channels) I was not aware WOW! was making the change to YouTube until I read your post. I am guessing this will save me about $100 per month????

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