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Xfinity’s NFL Sunday Ticket Deal Is Now Live — How To Save Up To $200


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Xfinity’s NFL Sunday Ticket deal is now live, offering eligible customers the option to save up to $200 on the cost of YouTube’s premium football subscription.

There are a number of Sunday Ticket promotions doing the rounds at the moment, including deals from Frontier and Verizon. While Comcast first announced its offer early last week, the deal wasn’t scheduled to go live until August 23rd.

Beginning today, eligible Xfinity customers can now take advantage of the offer and save up to $200 on Sunday Ticket. As a reminder, this promotion does require Xfinity customers to have both internet and TV bundled together.

Basically, the promotion is open to the following three categories of customers:

  • New Xfinity Internet and TV (Choice minimum) customers
  • Existing Xfinity Internet customers adding TV (Choice minimum)
  • Existing tenured Xfinity Rewards customers (Diamond and Platinum only) with Xfinity Internet and TV

Providing you fall into one of these three groups, you should be able to redeem the offer directly through and save on the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube.

Depending on your account type and status, there are two different ways to redeem the offer.

Eligible new customers, and Diamond and Platinum Xfinity Rewards members, redeeming through will be redirected to YouTube to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket. During the checkout process, they should see that the promotional discount is automatically applied for them.

Existing internet-only customers (who meet eligibility requirements) redeeming the offer through will receive an email instead of being redirected. This email will contain a link that they can follow to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket. Providing they are using the link in the email to sign up, the promotional discount should automatically be applied at checkout.

The amount an Xfinity customer saves also depends on the account and plan. For example, while new Xfinity Internet and TV customers, and existing Xfinity Internet customers adding TV, can both save $200, existing tenured Xfinity Rewards customers (Diamond and Platinum only) with Xfinity Internet and TV only save $100 on the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket.

New and upgrading Xfinity customers

If you’re not currently an Xfinity customer and thinking of signing up, or an existing customer that’s not currently signed up to an eligible plan, the main caveat here is that a package including both internet and TV is required.

If a new customer, you will need to add Xfinity TV to an internet package when signing up. If already signed up for Xfinity internet, then you will need to add Xfinity TV to become eligible for the deal.

Regardless of whether a new customer or upgrading, it is worth noting that Choice TV is the minimum Xfinity TV package requirement to be eligible for the promotion.

In addition, as this offer is fulfilled through Xfinity Rewards, new and existing customers will also need to make sure they are already enrolled in the Xfinity Rewards program.

As a final reminder, this Xfinity Sunday Ticket offer is currently scheduled to remain available through September 30, 2023, so while it is possible to take advantage of the promotion from today, you still have a few weeks to redeem the offer.

Once redeemed, Xfinity customers have up until November 1st to actually subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket and save on the cost.

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