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Want Free NFL Sunday Ticket From Verizon? Here’s How It Works


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Verizon is offering a free NFL Sunday Ticket subscription through YouTube or YouTube TV to eligible customers, resulting in a saving of up to $449 a year. However, and with such big savings on offer, even existing Verizon customers will need to upgrade to qualify for the deal.

NFL Sunday Ticket can be purchased as a YouTube TV add-on or as a standalone YouTube Primetime Channel. If going the YouTube TV route, subscribers save $100 on the cost, bringing the price of Sunday Ticket down to as little as $349.

YouTube is also currently offering an additional $50 discount ahead of the start of the new season, taking the cost down to $299 for YouTube TV subscribers and $399 for YouTube users.

For those that would prefer to offset the entire cost of an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, Verizon has an offer for both new and existing customers.

New Verizon customers: How to get free NFL Sunday Ticket

Starting tomorrow (July 27), new Verizon customers can get free NFL Sunday Ticket by signing up to the Unlimited Plus mobile plan and purchasing one of the following smartphones:

  • Any Samsung Galaxy S23 Series model
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Galaxy Z Fold 5
  • Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel Fold
  • Motorola Edge+.

Alternatively, signing up to one of the following Verizon Home Internet plans as a new customer will also get you a free NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.

  • Fios 1 Gig
  • Fios 2 Gig
  • 5G Home Plus
  • LTE Home Plus

Existing Verizon customers: How to get free NFL Sunday Ticket

If you are already an existing Verizon customer, Verizon simply won’t give you a free Sunday Ticket subscription. Instead, those customers will need to upgrade to one of the eligible mobile or Home internet plans.

For Verizon mobile customers this will mean upgrading their plan to Unlimited Plus, or adding another line if already an existing Unlimited Plus customer.

If an existing Fios internet customer, you will need to upgrade to Verizon’s Fios 1 Gig package to become eligible for the free NFL subscription.

You have to remain subscribed to keep the deal

One of the additional caveats to be aware of is that Verizon does require eligible mobile and Home internet customers to remain subscribed throughout the NFL season to maintain access to their free subscription.

According to the fine print, “Verizon reserves the right to charge back the value of the annual subscription if service is canceled before 2.29.24 or eligibility req’s are no longer met.”

Likewise, if you have already signed up to NFL Sunday Ticket, either through YouTube or YouTube TV, you cannot take advantage of this offer, as this promotion cannot be combined with an existing NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.

Don’t want to upgrade? You can still save $100

For those that don’t want to upgrade by adding another line or paying for a more expensive Home internet plan, existing Verizon customers can still save $100 on the cost of an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription from YouTube or YouTube TV.

According to the fine print, the option to save $100 on the cost won’t become available until August 11, 2023. At which point, existing Verizon customers will be able to sign up to NFL Sunday Ticket through Verizon +play. They can then expect the $100 discount to be applied during checkout.

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