Xiaomi Might Plug the Android TV Stick Gap with a Mi TV Stick

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Xiaomi might be preparing to launch a new stick-based streaming player, the Mi TV Stick. If the rumors are correct, the product could launch in the next few weeks.


Xiaomi is a major player in the Android TV set-top box market considering it is one of only a select few brands that have released an over-the-counter device. While it does have its issues, the Xiaomi Mi Box is a highly affordable device, especially when compared to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Android TV devices tethered to a carrier/contract. If the Mi TV Stick also runs on Android TV (no word on that yet) then it is likely to be an even cheaper solution.

The details on the Mi TV Stick comes from what’s said to be a leaked list of Xiaomi’s upcoming IoT products, first spotted by FoneArena. The list covers what Xiaomi is believed to be releasing over the next few months with the Mi TV Stick listed as arriving in May. The leaker suggests the list is relevant to the European market, although that’s not to say products such as the Mi TV Stick won’t be released in other markets, including the US.


Android TV needs more sticks

One of the issues with Android TV is the lack of devices that you can just buy, and on the cheap. If you buy a whole new TV then there’s a good chance you’ll end up with Android TV due to the various agreements Google has in place with TV makers. The same is true if you get a new streaming box through an operator with many opting for Android TV as the base of their customized interface and experience.

However, at the consumer level, Android TV set-top boxes have been few and far between with stick-based devices even fewer. This is in spite of both Amazon Fire TV and Roku OS doing considerably well with their respective sticks.

While these devices are typically not the most powerful, their low entry price makes them ideal for someone looking for a budget option to start streaming with. Alternatively, for those looking to add some TV smarts to an additional room without spending too much. Both of which have been areas Android TV has failed to capitalize on.


Although, this has started to change recently with a number of companies now starting to show interest in Android TV sticks, including Google. If Xiaomi can mass-release a cheap stick running on Android TV, then it could become a new go-to option for many.

Source: Sudhanshu Ambhore/Twitter

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