YouTube Premium Family Hit With A Price Increase (Legacy Subscribers Too)

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YouTube Premium subscribers signed up to the family plan will see the price of their subscription increase to $22.99 per month on their next billing date. The price increase is already live for anyone attempting to sign up today and Streaming Better can confirm that grandfathered subscribers are also being hit by the same price hike. However, those legacy subscribers won’t have to start paying the higher rate until next year.


YouTube Premium is a good deal for those that often use YouTube to watch videos and/or listen to music. After all, a subscription provides access to ad-free videos and also includes access to YouTube Music. For an individual, the price of YouTube Premium is $11.99 per month. For those signed up to the family plan, the price was $17.99 per month.

The price of the family plan has now risen to $22.99 per month, resulting in a $5 price increase each month. While existing subscribers will see the price rise take effect on their next billing date, new customers already have to pay the higher rate when signing up through the YouTube Premium website. For those legacy customers that have been with the service long before it was called YouTube Premium, they too will also see their price rise to $22.99 per month.


YouTube has already started sending out emails to affected users confirming the price change and when they will have to start paying the higher rate. While this also includes those grandfathered customers, the email makes clear that, “as a long-standing and valued member”, the price increase is being delayed by an additional four months. According to YouTube, the delay is “to show our appreciation for your loyalty”. In our case, the email specifically states that the price increase won’t take effect before April, 2023.

As a long-standing and valued member, you are currently paying a lower rate for Premium than the rate available to new subscribers. To show our appreciation for your loyalty, we’re giving you at least four extra months at your current price before the price increase impacts your plan. Your price will not increase before your April billing date. Don’t worry, we will notify you again at least 30 days before the new price is effective.

YouTube email

Considering many of those grandfathered subscribers were only paying $14.99 per month for the family plan, this is going to be even more of a significant price increase. Essentially, they will end up paying $8 more each month.

For those on the individual plan, grandfathered or otherwise, it doesn’t look like they are affected by this latest price increase. Likewise, the annual and student YouTube Premium plans that offer a discount on the individual monthly rate are also unaffected by the change.

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