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YouTube TV Has Started Rolling Out Multiview To Subscribers


YouTube TV multiview showing multiple sports feeds

YouTube TV is now in the process of making its long-awaited multiview feature available to subscribers, and right in time for March Madness. However, it would seem that the feature is not yet fully ready for primetime, as YouTube TV is only releasing the feature in an early access state.

For some time now, it has been known that YouTube TV was working on multiview functionality. That is, the ability to watch more channels at once on the same screen. fuboTV already offers the feature to its subscribers, albeit only to those with an Apple TV device. YouTube TV’s version is expected to be compatible with more devices.

Today, YouTube TV has confirmed that it is finally making its multiview available to subscribers. According to YouTube, the feature is only being released in an early access status which means some subscribers will have to continue waiting for the option to watch multiple streams at once on the same screen.

Here’s exactly how YouTube describes the launch and functionality of multiview:

During early access, some members will begin to see an option to watch up to four pre-selected, different streams at once in their “Top Picks for You” section. After selecting multiview, viewers will be able to switch audio and captions between streams, and jump in and out of a fullscreen view of a game.

YouTube does state that it plans to officially make multiview available to all subscribers over the coming months. In the meantime, YouTube will be hoping that feedback from those users who now have access will help to further improve the feature before everyone else gets access to ‘Mosaic Mode’.

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