YouTube TV Adds Hallmark Channel, Movies & Mysteries, and Drama

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YouTube TV subscribers can now watch all three Hallmark channels, thanks to a new deal between Crown Media and YouTube TV. The live TV market remains an unpredictable one, with channel lineups often changing and sometimes at a moment’s notice. However, this particular change will be of benefit to subscribers, and especially those interested in watching Hallmark movies.


Picking the right live TV streaming service often comes down to the price and the channel selection. However, striking the right balance between these two can be difficult. For example, Philo and Sing TV are more affordable services, but their base plans tend to lack some popular channels. Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV are far more expensive services, but their base subscriptions come with a greater number of the channels many individuals and household are looking for.

In terms of YouTube TV, the list of channels has now got a little longer after Crown Media confirmed an agreement to bring Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama to YouTube TV. Along with the official announcement, the YouTube TV website has also been updated confirming the channels are now available as part of the base subscription. For reference, Hallmark Movies Now was already available through YouTube TV as an add-on that the subscriber has to pay an additional monthly fee for. YouTube TV offers a number of add-ons to further customize the base plan, with the price varying depending on the channel. For example, the Hallmark Movies Now premium add-on costs an additional $5.99 per month.


Speaking of cost, YouTube TV has yet to make any mention of a price increase associated with the new channels. Likewise, the YouTube TV website still lists the price of the base subscription, with the Hallmark channels included, at $64.99 per month. Although YouTube TV has somewhat timed channel additions with price increases, that does not appear to be the case this time. At least, not yet. The last price increase arrived in June of 2020 and was accompanied by the confirmation that a selection of previously announced ViacomCBS channels had finally been added to the lineup.

With the addition of the new channels, subscribers can not only watch the linear feeds, but also a selection of on-demand videos as well. All of which now makes YouTube TV a much better option for those specifically interested in Hallmark channels and content.

John Finn

By John Finn

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So far my premium YouTube channel does not offer free Hallmark.
Any idea what I can do to add these channels. I have already ask the question to YouTube, but allow though they have acknowledged receipt, they have not supplied an answer.

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