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YouTube TV Add-On to Offer Unlimited Devices at the Same Time (But Only at Home)


YouTube TV multiple devices

YouTube TV will soon offer subscribers an add-on option that allows them to watch on an unlimited number of devices at the same time, but only when they are at home. The change is part of a wider update that looks to improve the service in a variety of ways, including watching shows in 4K and the option to watch shows that have been recorded through the service’s DVR offline.

YouTube TV continues to be a popular option for consumers looking to watch live TV over the internet. Although the price has continually increased, the service places an emphasis on features and a richer experience. Now, it looks like the experience is going to get even richer soon, as YouTube TV will not only be offering an unlimited cloud DVR, but unlimited simultaneous streams as well.

YouTube TV has confirmed it is introducing a new add-on that increases its simultaneous streams limit. At present, the service allows subscribers to stream on up to three devices at the same time. However, that limit will be removed with subscribers able to stream on as many devices as they want at the same time, providing those streams are happening within the home. The change won’t affect when using YouTube TV away from home, with subscribers still limited on how many devices they can watch on, along with the other restrictions that are in place when watching outside the home area.

As this option is arriving in the form of an add-on, it can only be enabled by adding the feature to an existing package. This also means it will come at an additional cost compared to the standard price of a YouTube TV subscription. Whether the add-on will be worth it to an individual consumer will depend on how many people in the home need to watch live TV or recorded content at the same time. Although the price is also likely to be a factor and YouTube TV has yet to confirm how much the new add-on will cost.

Shows in 4K and offline watching

In addition to the increase in simultaneous streams. the same YouTube TV add-on will also result in other changes that will improve the experience. For example, the add-on will not only allow subscribers to watch available shows in 4K, but it will also allow recorded shows to be watched without the need to be connected to the internet. While the 4K support will likely benefit many subscribers, the download option will mostly be of use to those watching YouTube TV on mobile devices. Although, it may also prove beneficial to anyone who often encounters buffering or streaming issues when watching YouTube TV, regardless of the device.

These are interesting improvements and ones that will add to the overall YouTube TV experience. However, as they are coming by way of an add-on, they are not quite as appealing as they could be. YouTube TV is not the cheapest live TV streaming service around and the add-on is only going to increase the price further for those who want the best live TV experience the service has to offer.

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  1. How do I add this Add-On to my youtube tv account? I’m running into issues at home with the 3 simultaneous devices.

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