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YouTube TV Users Unhappy With ‘New In Your Library’ Change

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Some YouTube TV users are unhappy with a change to the interface which has removed the New in your library filter from their DVR section. Even though YouTube TV does offer one of the better DVR experiences around, it does also come with some annoyances.

One annoying aspect that has been an issue since YouTube TV first launched is the general lack of a delete button. While it is possible to delete upcoming recordings, there is no real option to delete recordings that have already been made. Instead, subscribers are expected to just wait until the recording expires and is automatically deleted.

Recently, some YouTube TV subscribers have found that the new Live and Library interface has introduced another annoying element – the inability to see the latest recordings.

YouTube TV’s new look and design does include a Recently recorded section which, in principle, does the same thing as New in your library. The problem is, Recently recorded lists everything that’s recently been recorded, and that’s different to New in your library which highlighted recordings that were new.

To explain the difference, Recently recorded will show any and all recordings, regardless of whether the video (for example, an episode of a show) is new or a rerun. New in your library better understood if something was actually new (for example, the latest episode of a show), and only highlighted those new videos.

Although this might sound like a small change, it can be an annoying one for those that are highly dependent on the DVR. Instead of being able to filter recordings by the latest episodes they haven’t seen, they have to navigate through a longer list that includes episodes they have seen.

What’s adding to the confusion here is that not all users are seemingly seeing the same results. For example, while some have found that their New in your library section has gone, others report still seeing the section.

Then there are those that have found while their New in your library section is still there, and does show episodes that are new, the entire section disappears after all of the new videos have been watched.

Basically, and unlike before, YouTube TV subscribers won’t see a New in your library section unless there is actually something new in their library at the time.

We’ve read multiple complaints about this UI change from subscribers over the past week, including here, here, and here, and it seems like YouTube TV has been made aware of the problems caused by a switch from New in your library to Recently recorded.

Whether that awareness results in any changes to how new recordings are highlighted in the future remains to be seen, but with so many different devices and UI versions in circulation, it seems likely that problems with the new Library design will continue to surface.

John Finn
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John Finn

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2 replies on “YouTube TV Users Unhappy With ‘New In Your Library’ Change”

I see the “New in your library” folder, but I also know it doesn’t contain everything that’s new. I was watching The Lazarus Project and not a single episode appeared as new. I had to go to “Shows”, sorted by “Recently recorded” to find the episodes. Other than very annoying bug, I enjoy YouTube TV. I just don’t understand why they can’t resolve this problem. Apparently it’s been an issue from the start, I’d think by now they’d have it resolved.

I live off of my Library recordings and liked the old interface much better because it was easier to find my unwatched recordings. Plus now I have to click on the pop up that is shown each time I go to view the tabs…’s just a dialog box telling me about the new tabs……but everytime that I go to my library is rediculous. Once I click on the dialog box, you would think that it would not pop up again…..wrong. I also can’t wait till they have a Delete button on the recordings so that I don’t have to waste so much time browsing through the library searching for unwatched recordings.

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