An AI-Powered ‘Hey Telly’ Voice Assistant Is Coming To Telly TVs

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Telly TV users can expect to get an AI-powered ‘Hey Telly’ voice assistant in the near future. Telly announced the new AI assistant as part of a range of updates provided at CES 2024.

Telly is looking to do TV differently. Marketing itself as “the biggest thing to happen to TV since color,” the company is placing its bets on ads. So much so that the company actually offers its TVs to homes for free. During this year’s CES event, the company explained that “usage rates are far outpacing our expectations and are more than twice the national average for household living room TV viewing time.”

Along with the update on usage, Telly also previewed new consumer features including its new ‘Hey Telly’ voice assistant. Using a combination of ChatGPT and other advanced AI technologies, the assistant is said to provide “a completely transformed home entertainment and the virtual voice assistant experience.”

Interestingly, Telly says the ‘Hey Telly’ assistant can be customized in various ways, including avatar and personality, allowing it to adapt to each user’s preferences over time and provide a more personalized experience. Telly goes so far as to suggest the assistant will become an “interactive family member.”

This feature promises to make Telly not just a television, but a valuable, interactive family member and further delivers on Telly’s promise to be the smartest TV ever built.”


Basically, Telly suggests that its assistant will become so good at knowing the user that it will be able to personalize itself to the point where it can massively increase its effectiveness in terms of recommendations.

While good for the user, it is important to keep Telly’s focus on ads in mind. After all, it stands to reason that an assistant which knows the user as well as (if not, better than) a ‘family member would be all the more capable of delivering adverts that result in higher actionable and conversion rates.

Speaking of which, Telly also unveiled its newly integrated browser which, according to the company, allows “ads to be fully actionable and drive performance and ROAS as brands would only expect on mobile and web.”

When adding the capability of pre-saving customer purchasing and shipping information, as well as allowing for seamless engagement without disrupting content viewing, these TVs look as though they are quickly becoming powerful advertising tools.

As Ilya Pozin, Telly CEO and Founder noted, “we’re transforming the biggest screen in the home into the most powerful retail channel since the internet.”

John Finn
John Finn

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