‘Silver Streamers’ More Amenable To Advertising, Says DeepIntent-Roku Study

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According to a new study from DeepIntent and Roku, so-called ‘silver streamers’ are more amenable to advertising than the general public, and pharmaceutical ads could be better targeted.


The importance of the use of advertising in the world of streaming has never been clearer. While many services charge a monthly subscription cost, most of them also now offer a ‘with ads’ tier to subsidize the cost.

There are also plenty of services that manage to completely offset the subscription cost through the use of ads. It is now even possible for consumers to get a TV for free, again, thanks to the popular and profitable ad-supported model.


According to a new study, ‘silver streamers’ (those aged 50 and above that use streaming services) are “an important demographic for pharmaceutical advertisers.” The report, titled Silver Streamers: A Golden Opportunity for Pharma Advertisers on CTV, draws its findings from a survey of 3,000 U.S. adults across every age group.

The survey found that 79% of adults 50 and over use streaming services, and that 66% prefer advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) services. This is the same model that’s commonly used to reduce or completely offset the cost of a subscription, and it is this statistic that’s being used to suggest those over 50 are “more amenable to advertising than the general population.”

The research paper also suggests that existing advertising on streaming services doesn’t accurately target the right type of consumer.

For example, the study found that 23% of patients 50+ said the pharmaceutical ads they see on streaming services were not relevant to their lives. This is in comparison to 40% for patients under 50.


According to Eric Lloyd, Head of Industry, Health, at Roku, “There is a tremendous opportunity to reach people over 50 in streaming environments, which offer much more than traditional TV in terms of impacting the patient journey and driving script lift.” Lloyd added, “The survey results only confirmed that it’s paramount for pharma advertisers to capitalize on this paradigm shift.”

Advertising aside, the survey also found that 96% of cord-cutters aged 50 and over were generally happy with their decision to cancel their cable/satellite TV service.

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