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Roku Smart Picture Uses AI To Automatically Adjust The Settings On Roku TVs


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Roku is launching a new Smart Picture feature that uses advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, to automatically adjust and select the best settings on Roku TVs.

Most smart TVs available today offer a range of modes to choose from, with each one offering various tweaks to the settings to match whatever is being shown on the TV at the time. However, these modes often have to be manually selected by the user.

This is where the new Roku Smart Picture comes in. As Roku explains, the new feature has been created by the company’s Picture Quality Tuning Team and uses “artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data from content partners” to identify the type of content displayed on the screen. Based on those calculations, Smart Picture then automatically adjusts the audio and picture settings to provide an optimized viewing experience.

While the company hasn’t explained exactly when Smart Picture will become available, Roku did say it will arrive this spring, and on all Roku TV models.

Speaking of which, Roku announced Roku Smart Picture at the same time as announcing plans to release a new Pro Series lineup of smart TVs. Available in three sizes, one of the main differences is the addition of Mini-LED local dimming, resulting in a more premium viewing experience.

With the new Pro Series TVs also expected to arrive in the Spring, it is expected that they will arrive to market with access to the new Smart Picture feature.

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