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Update Your Apple TV’s YouTube TV App To Fix Black Screen Issue

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The YouTube TV app on Apple TV players is currently in the process of receiving an update that includes various performance improvements as well as a fix for a black screen issue that some users have been experiencing.

When it comes to YouTube TV, the Apple TV app doesn’t exactly offer the best experience. It has been known to be slow in receiving updates and new features, with the recent rolling out of the new Live Guide a prime example. As a result, whenever an update is available, it is often worth applying straight away.

This latest one will be especially worth applying by anyone that has been experiencing a black screen issue. The problem is most often encountered when the app resumes after sleeping. As noted by the YouTube TV engineer who confirmed the purpose of the update on Reddit, the update also includes more general performance improvements as well.

Even if you haven’t been experiencing any issues with the YouTube TV app, those that want an improved viewing experience in general might want to consider upgrading. This is due to the latest version also including support for Match Dynamic Range.

For those unfamiliar with Match Dynamic Range, when enabled, the feature makes it possible for the system to automatically turn HDR on or off when the Apple TV player detects content that supports HDR. Basically, it automatically matches the dynamic range.

If searching for the update and finding it is not available yet, the YouTube TV engineer did explain that it is a “large Apple update” and that it is rolling out in waves so it may take longer to reach some users.

For reference, the latest version of the YouTube TV app appears to be 7.11.1, according to the App Store, and the update started rolling out on March 20th.

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