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What Is Bravia Core On Sony TVs, And Is It Worth Using?


Bravia Core app on Sony TV displaying Home section

Sony’s Bravia smart TVs for 2023 are now starting to become available and that means that a number of homes are not only going to get access to a new TV, but access to the Bravia Core app as well.

Unlike other apps, the Bravia Core app is not one that you can download on your smartphone or smart TV. Well, that’s unless they are Sony products. If, for example, you already have an Xperia smartphone then you’ll already have access to the Bravia Core for Xperia app.

Likewise, if you already have a Bravia TV, then you’ll already have access to the standard Bravia Core app for smart TVs.

Regardless of the device, the Bravia Core app is Sony’s own streaming service and digital video store. Again, unlike other streaming services, this is not one that you can subscribe to, or pay a monthly fee to access.

Instead, owners of an eligible Sony smart TV or smartphone automatically get access to a selection of movies that they can watch at any time, and for free.

Bravia Core unlimited
Bravia Core Unlimited Streaming titles

In addition to these free titles, there are also a number of movies and other content that the Bravia smart TV owner can purchase.

Bravia Core purchase
Bravia Core lets you purchase movies

Most Bravia XR TV purchases now come with a number of free credits and each credit can be used to redeem a different movie. Redeemed movies are the same as purchased movies, meaning they remain available to watch on the TV.

Along with the option to purchase, there is also the ability to rent movies as well. This not only applies to newer titles but also older movies.

Bravia Core rent
Bravia Core lets you rent movies

Basically, the Bravia Core app is not only a free streaming service, but also a digital video store where you can purchase or rent movies.

Additional Bravia Core content

Many of the movies, especially newer ones, also come with a selection of behind the scenes and additional content that you can watch for free.

Bravia Core additional content
Bravia Core includes additional content

While the main benefit of the Bravia Core app is the selection of movies, there is also a TV section as well. That said, the TV side of things works slightly different.

For starters, there’s no option to purchase or rent shows. Instead, Sony allows TV owners to watch the first three episodes of whichever shows are currently being profiled.

Bravia Core shows
Bravia Core showcases TV shows

Compared to the streaming service nature of the movie side, the TV section works more like a discovery portal, allowing you to see if a show is right before looking to stream it elsewhere.

Is Bravia Core worth using?

The short answer is yes, the Bravia Core app is a good service, and one that’s worth using. As it is a free streaming service, there’s no reason to avoid using it, and many of the movies that are available to stream have been made available with Sony TVs in mind.

In other words, Sony’s Bravia Core app is probably the best way to stream any of these movies in general.

Sony TVs are already well-known for their picture and video support, and Sony has somewhat built Bravia Core to be a way to showcase many of those technologies, including 4K HDR and IMAX Enhanced support.

Bravia Core Imax

Many of these advanced picture and sound technologies are considered premium features on other services and may even require an upgraded subscription. If the same movie is available to stream through Bravia Core, it is likely to be available with the best picture and sound support.

Watching in a better quality does depend on the quality of the internet connection, and this is another point to keep in mind when deciding on whether this is a streaming service that’s worth using.

Sony’s recommended minimum speeds for using Bravia Core are as follows:

  • 3 Mbps – Recommended minimum for SD
  • 5 Mbps – Recommended minimum for FHD or higher
  • 17 Mbps – Recommended minimum for 4K or higher

For those that want an even richer viewing experience, Bravia Core also offers the ability to watch in Pure Stream.

When watching a Pure Stream-compatible title, this mode enables streaming at up to 80 Mbps to deliver lossless 4K UHD picture quality.

Maybe avoid purchasing movies through Bravia Core

When it comes to paying for movies through Bravia Core, it is probably wise to avoid using Bravia Core as your digital store. At least for purchases. If you have credits to spend, then you should use them as they will eventually expire, and they do unlock access to more free movies. Purchasing movies using your own money, is another story.

The way Bravia Core works is that all of the movies that are available to watch through Bravia Core are only available to watch through Bravia Core. There’s no Movies Anywhere support and you cannot download the Bravia Core app on non-Sony TVs or smartphones.

Due to this, most people will be better off buying new movies through a third-party digital store like Prime Video, Play Store, or Apple TV. While each of these stores come with their own device restrictions and limitations, they are less restrictive than Bravia Core.

As to be expected, rentals matter less. Any movie that you rent through Bravia Core remains available for 30 days from the point of renting, and 48 hours from the point of playback. This makes the option of renting through Bravia Core largely the same as renting though any of the other popular digital rental stores.

For reference, the ability to purchase or rent movies through Bravia Core is currently only available in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Bravia Core app – summary

To sum up, Bravia Core is a perk of having a Sony Bravia smart TV or smartphone, and that’s exactly the way it should be viewed.

If you have a Sony TV or phone, then it is worth using the app. There are plenty of movies there that you can watch for free, as well as the option to rent or purchase others, or check out some behind the scenes content that you might not find elsewhere.

Just keep in mind that the Bravia Core app will only be useful while you have access to that Sony smart TV or smartphone, which makes it a better option for streaming and renting than purchasing.

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