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How to Cancel a Discovery+ Streaming Subscription

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Discovery+ subscribers can quickly and easily cancel their subscription through the account settings. Once canceled, the subscriber will retain access up until their current billing period comes to an end. Verizon customers looking to cancel Discovery+ will need to through Verizon.


Discovery+ is the official Discovery streaming service and, as the “Plus” name suggests, provides access to a variety of networks and content under one subscription. Besides access to Discovery Channel videos, subscribers can also stream shows from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, among others.

With plans starting at $4.99 per month, Discovery+ is likely to be a highly useful streaming service for many consumers. However, for those that have now tested Discovery+ and found it not to be the right streaming service for them, here’s how to cancel a subscription. In addition to what to know before you do.


How to cancel Discovery+

A Discovery+ subscription can be easily canceled through the service’s website.

Cancel Discovery+ instructions:

  1. Go to the Discovery+ website
  2. Log in with email address and password
  3. Click/tap on the profile icon (upper right corner)
  4. Click/tap ‘Subscription’
  5. Select ‘Stop automatic renewal’

It is worth noting that Discovery+ says it can take up to 24 hours for a cancelation request to take effect. Therefore, it is advised to cancel a Discovery+ subscription at least 24 hours before the next bill is due. If canceling within the 24 hours, the subscriber runs the risk of being charged after they have canceled.

In addition, the above method is only for subscriptions directly with Discovery+. Those who have signed up through a third-party provider, including Apple’s App Store and Google Play, will need to cancel through the third party service. In the case of the App Store and Google Play specifically, the cancelation option can be accessed through the ‘manage subscriptions’ section of the respective app store.


Canceling Discovery+ is not immediate

Besides the fact that it can take up to 24 hours for the cancelation request to be registered, the subscription itself might take some time before it is fully deactivated.

Like most streaming services, Discovery+ subscribers pay for the month ahead. Due to this, and regardless of when they cancel in a given month, they have already paid for streaming access to show episodes for the entire month.

As Discovery+ does not issue refunds for the remainder of the paid month, subscribers remain free to access all of the networks and shows. The exact date when a Discovery+ subscription will be canceled will be based on when the next payment would have been due.


Canceling Discovery+ as a Verizon subscriber

Verizon 5G Home Internet, Fios Gigabit and non-Gigabit customers, as well as Play More, Get More, Start and Do More Unlimited wireless customers can get access to Discovery+ for free for a limited time. The exact length depends on the plan, with the first 12 months being the longest time available.

This is nothing more than an extended free trial and canceling Discovery+ for those subscribers will be a little different. Technically, these subscribers shouldn’t need to do anything as this is a perk of a third-party plan and will require further agreement before the first payment is made – at which point they can deny the option to renew anyway.

However for those who do want to cancel, the option to do so should be no different to canceling Disney+ or any other add-on offered by Verizon.

Cancel Discovery+ through Verizon:

  1. Visit the My Verizon website
  2. Navigate to ‘Account’
  3. Then to ‘Add-ons & apps’
  4. Followed by ‘Add-ons and apps overview’
  5. Click/tap ‘Manage’
  6. Under the ‘Discovery+’ section, click/tap ‘Manage add-on’
  7. Click/tap ‘Cancel my subscription’
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to confirm cancelation

Similar to the caveats with canceling a subscription directly through Discovery+, it can take up to 24 hours for the cancelation request to take effect.


Cancel Discovery+ summary

Canceling Discovery+ is fairly easy to do and only takes a few minutes through the service’s website. Consumers who signed up to Discovery+ through Verizon (or any other third-party service) will need to cancel their subscription directly through the third-party.

Once a cancelation has been requested, subscribers retain access to the same networks for the remainder of the current billing cycle. There is no option to get a refund for the rest of the paid month. In addition, it can take up to 24 hours for a cancellation request to take effect, so Discovery+ subscribers will want to cancel at least 24 hours before their next bill is due to avoid being charged an additional month.

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Hi Angela,

if you subscribed through Prime then you will also have to cancel through Prime by heading to the ‘Manage My Prime Channels’ section of the Amazon website.

Hope this helps.

Same here: there is no “Add-ons” under menu. Maybe there was one and so Verizon decided to remove it so as to trap people easier.

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