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Chromecast with Google TV To Gain Fast Pair Support In The Next Month


Fast Pair notification on Google TV

Google has confirmed Fast Pair support will begin to arrive for Google TV devices in the next month. Unsurprisingly, the first device to gain support will be Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV.

Those already invested in the Android ecosystem will already be familiar with how Fast Pair works. For those new to the feature, Fast Pair makes it possible to quickly and easily pair a device with another. Most commonly, pairing a set of headphones with an Android phone.

Beginning next month, Chromecast with Google TV owners will also find that they can quickly and easily pair an accessory, such as a pair of headphones or speakers, with their Google TV player using Fast Pair.

Based on the available information, the process will work largely identically to how it does with Android phones. Essentially, Google TV users will see a connection request notification on the screen after putting the accessory in pairing mode. They can then just click on Connect now to confirm they want to pair the accessory with their Google TV device.

While the Chromecast with Google TV will be the first to gain Fast Pair support, Google has confirmed that support will expand to more Google TV devices later this year.

Google confirmed the Fast Pair support during CES 2023 and as part of a range of Android-related product announcements. In terms of Google TV, another notable announcement was the ability to Cast TikTok videos to a Chromecast built-in device. Google also said that TikTok app users will be able to cast live videos as well soon.

For those also invested in a Google Home smart home ecosystem, Google confirmed that “LG TVs and select Google TV and other Android TV OS devices” will soon be able to be used as hubs for Google Home, making it even easier to connect and manage Matter devices.

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