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Cinedigm Rebrands as Cineverse To Better Reflect Streaming Business


Cineverse streaming service

Cinedigm has now officially been rebranded as Cineverse, with the change designed to better reflect the company’s streaming goals and ambitions. Cineverse already owns and operates a number of streaming services, including its flagship Cineverse service.

More recently, Cineverse confirmed that it had acquired the Christian Cinema on-demand service. According to the company, the purchased was made with the intention of combining Christian Cinema with Dove Channel, another of the properties Cineverse owns, to offer a more substantial faith-focused service in general.

In terms of the rebrand, Cineverse is apparently a name that’s more in keeping with the company’s current position. In explaining the history of the original name, Chris McGurk, Chairman and CEO of Cineverse, said that Cinedigm reflected the company’s specialization in digital innovation within the cinema industry.

In contrast, the new Cineverse name reflects the company’s position as “a pure-play business in the exciting and dynamic streaming content and technology space.”

According to the announcement, the name-change won’t result in a change to the company’s intention of becoming a major player within the streaming space. If anything, it is designed to further highlight the company’s continued investment in the streaming space.

Cineverse says that the plan is to “continue expanding our media library, currently at over 60,000 titles and growing rapidly, so that we have more compelling content and streaming channels to offer audiences than any other player in the entertainment business.”

For those already using the Cineverse streaming service, the change in name also isn’t expected to result in any changes to the service, which Cineverse says is now “the sixth-largest video streamer in the world by number of titles” and boasts “a library more extensive than that of Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Paramount+“.

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