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Comcast Adds 20 FAST Channels To X1, Including NBC News Now


Comcast Xfinity New FAST Channels

Comcast has added 20 new FAST channels to the Xfinity X1 channel guide, providing users with even more options for watching live content for free.

Comcast is one of the many companies that has actively embraced free, ad-supported TV (FAST) channels and content. Even its new $20 a month Now service, which offers access to paid channels and Peacock Premium, also includes a number of FAST channels as well.

In terms of its latest FAST announcement, Comcast has confirmed that it has now added 20 free ad-supported TV channels to the X1 channel guide. The new channels can be found alongside other paid channels in the X1’s guide, or by saying “free streaming channels” into the voice remote.

The new channels consist of NBC News Now and 19 Xumo-branded channels, and these are the same 20 FAST channels that were added to the new Now service at launch in May, and the Xfinity Stream app in April.

While 20 might not sound like a lot, Comcast says that its “strategy is centered around value not tonnage.” Whether that is a dig at other services and platforms that tend to offer a vast selection of FAST channels remains to be seen, but it does suggest that Comcast is taking more of a careful and curated approach to the channels it adds.

Our strategy is centered around value not tonnage, and we are focused on bringing FAST channels into the experiences that are additive to the majority of our customers’ lineups,” said Vito Forlenza, Vice President, Entertainment Apps.

In spite of this, Comcast did also confirm that these latest additions won’t be the last. While no word on which ones, or when the next batch might arrive, were provided, the company does plan to add more FAST channels in the future.

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