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Comcast’s Apple TV+, Netflix And Peacock ‘StreamSaver’ Bundle Costs $15 A Month


Comcast StreamSaver Bundle image showing Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV Plus on a TV for Xfinity customers.

Comcast‘s ‘StreamSaver’ bundle, which brings together Apple TV+, Netflix Standard with ads, and Peacock Premium, will cost $15 a month. While Comcast officially announced the bundle earlier this month, the company had yet to confirm exactly how much the bundle would cost.

At the time of announcing the new bundle, Comcast did explain that the streaming service combo would launch “at a vastly reduced price.” That appears to be the case, now that we do actually now know the price.

If signing up to these services on their own, Apple TV+ costs $9.99, Netflix’s Standard with ads plan costs $6.99, and Peacock Premium costs $5.99. Considering these prices total a minimum of $22.97 a month, the $15 StreamSaver bundle results in a discount of around 35%.

As a reminder, the new StreamSaver bundle, which officially becomes available nationwide next week, is only available to Comcast customers. Once live, the bundle will be available as an add-on for Comcast’s broadband and TV services.

StreamSaver is a homerun for consumers who want top-tier entertainment and live sports, and for our world-class partners Peacock, Netflix and Apple who benefit from the reach and depth of our entertainment platforms and Xfinity’s marketing engine,” said Dave Watson, CEO of Connectivity and Platforms, Comcast. “StreamSaver also reinforces the value of our broadband products, offering customers new ways to save money on streaming entertainment via the nation’s best and most reliable network in and out of the home.”

In addition to Xfinity customers, Comcast has confirmed that Now TV subscribers will also be able to add Apple TV+ and Netflix to their plan as well. Bundling these additional streaming services will add an additional $10 a month to the price, taking the cost of Now TV up to $30 a month.

Once again, with Apple TV+ costing $9.99, and Netflix a minimum of $6.99, Now TV subscribers will also benefit from a substantial discount when bundling the two streaming services.

Comcast’s Now TV package already includes Peacock as a benefit, which is why only Apple TV+ and Netflix are being made available as an add-on to subscribers.

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