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Comcast To Offer An Apple TV+, Netflix and Peacock Bundle Later This Month


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Comcast plans to launch a streaming bundle that includes Apple TV+, Netflix and Peacock later this month. The confirmation of the new streaming bundle came from Comcast CEO Brian Roberts during a MoffettNathanson’s Media, Internet & Communications Conference session earlier today.

While Roberts didn’t provide any details on exactly how much the bundle will cost, the Comcast chief did explain it will be “a pretty competitive package” and available “at a vastly reduced price.” According to Roberts, the new StreamSaver bundle will be available to all Comcast TV, broadband and mobile customers.

With Apple TV+ costing $9.99 a month, Netflix a minimum of $6.99 a month and Peacock a minimum of $5.99 a month, the current cheapest price a subscriber to all three of these services would pay is $22.97 a month. Of course, these prices are in relation to the ad-supported Peacock and ad-supported Netflix tiers, and considering there is no ad-supported version of Apple TV yet, it seems likely that the StreamSaver bundle will be an ad-free streaming package.

The price of Peacock also doesn’t take into consideration the upcoming price increase. Confirmed last month, the cost of Peacock Premium will increase to $7.99 a month (up $2) and Peacock Premium Plus will increase to $13.99 a month, resulting in both tiers increasing by $2 a month.

For reference, this is just the latest major bundle to be announced recently. Earlier in May, it was confirmed that another new bundle will be available soon, bringing together Disney+. Hulu and Max. Once again, there were no prices announced for the Disney-Warner Bros. Discovery bundle, but it was also said to be launching at “a very attractive price.”

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