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Count Down To Christmas With Google TV’s Advent Calendar


Google TV Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for some festive movies to watch over the next few weeks, Google TV’s new advent calendar is a quick and easy way to get a movie recommendation each day, and all without ever having to leave the Home screen.

Google TV has always been about discovering new content to watch and Google keeps introducing new features to streamline the discovery process even more. The new advent calendar is no different in this respect, even though it is far more of a limited-time discovery tool than other new features.

The advent calendar is shown directly at the top of the Google TV Home screen (as part of the featured carousel) and displays the current day’s offering. A hint is also provided, so you can try and guess what the recommendation is before clicking Open now and revealing the movie.

Today’s hint, for example, is “Santa’s grandson aims to fulfill a Christmas wish.”

If that day’s Christmas movie recommendation isn’t for you, you can always scroll down further to the Advent Calendar 2023: Count down to Christmas section.

Here you can check out all of the recommendations that have been released. With it already being Dec. 4, that means there are four recommendations to choose from so far.

Friendly festive warning – we were able to click on and see each of the advent calendar recommendations right up to and including Christmas Day. In other words, if you’d rather maintain the surprise and wait for each day’s recommendation to officially go live, avoid clicking on any of the future days.

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