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How DirecTV Stream’s 2023 Price Increases Affect Grandfathered Plans


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DirecTV Stream has confirmed that a price increase is set to kick in next month for both new and existing subscribers, including those that have been with the live TV streaming since the very beginning. Exactly how much a grandfathered subscriber will pay after the latest round of price increases will depend on which of the defunct plans they are still signed up to.

DirecTV Stream has only been operating under this name since 2021. Before then, it was known as AT&T TV, and before that, AT&T TV Now with two main plans to choose from – Plus and Max. Going even further back and the service was branded as DirecTV Now and offered four different live TV plans, with the cheapest originally priced at just $35 per month.

In spite of these plans no longer being available and customers now expected to choose between the current four live TV plans offered by DirecTV Stream, many homes are still signed up to one of the older plans and this may affect the current price they are paying. Regardless of which legacy plan a home is signed up to, the 2023 price increase will affect them.

For DirecTV Now subscribers, Live a Little will increase by $5 per month while Just Right will increase by $8 per month. Go Big and Gotta Have It subscribers will be the most impacted with the price of their plans increasing by $10 per month.

For AT&T TV grandfathered subscribers, Entertainment will increase by $5 per month, Choice and Xtra will increase by $8 per month, and Ultimate will increase by $10 per month. AT&T TV Now Plus and Max subscribers will also see their plans increase by $10 per month.

DirecTV NowLive a Little$5
Just Right$8
Go Big$10
Gotta Have It$10
AT&T TV NowPlus$10
AT&T TVEntertainment$5

Again, due to the nature of these legacy plans, and their various prices over the years, how much they will increase to depends on how much the grandfathered subscriber is paying for live TV at the moment. For example, Go Big subscribers who signed up at the very beginning were offered a $25 monthly discount for as long as they remained subscribed to the plan.

What is clear, however, is that pretty much no one is escaping this 2023 round of DirecTV Stream price increases.

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2 responses to “How DirecTV Stream’s 2023 Price Increases Affect Grandfathered Plans”

  1. If I’m grandfathered into the original DirecTV Now Go Big channel lineup, I’m looking at a new base price of $89.99. That’s a drastic increase from the intro price that was offered for “life” when I signed up. My question is how does this new price compare to YouTube TV’s base plan and channel lineup? Have I reached a point that this old promo plan with all the price increases is now more expensive than one of the competitors?

    1. That’s a little difficult to answer as it does depend on which channels are the most important to you. I mean, in general, yes the plan is more expensive than the competition at that price. However, you are probably also getting more channels overall as well. This comparison provides a better idea of how the original Go Big plan now compares to plans offered by other services (last updated Jan 2022), but keep in mind your current channel lineup has likely changed since the original Go Big plan launched.

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