Discovery+ Now Live On Amazon Prime Video Channels

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Discovery+ is now available through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels in the United States. While the change results in another way to access the service, the greater development here is that it provides consumers with an additional option to sign up and manage their Discovery+ subscription.


Discovery+ launched in January and since then it has been expanding in support. Most recently, this included the popular streaming service becoming available on the Xfinity Flex platform, with support also now expected to go live for Xfinity X1 customers soon as well. Fire TV streaming device and Fire TV Edition smart TV owners were already able to access Discovery+.

With the latest change, consumers will now be able to sign up, manage and access Discovery+ directly through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. This could make it easier for any consumers currently using a device that lacks Discovery+ support, as it not only applies to Fire TV owners, but any device that has access to or can download the Prime Video app.


With Prime Video Channels support now live, consumers can sign up to Discovery+ through Amazon for $6.99 per month, after taking advantage of a seven-day free trial. A Prime Membership is needed for Prime Video channels, but Amazon also offers a 30-day free trial, before having to pay the $12.99 per month cost.

Going the Amazon Discovery+ route

A benefit of going the Amazon route is that Prime Video Channels makes it easier to subscribe to services like Discovery+. For example, there is no additional app needed and there’s also no need to sign up directly with Discovery. Instead, Amazon will take care of the subscription, including billing the customer and providing the option to cancel Discovery+ when needed. This makes it a good option for those that already are an Amazon Prime member and looking to cut down on the number of apps or having to manage multiple subscriptions separately.

The downside is that it is only the ad-free version of Discovery+ that’s available through Amazon. Due to this, consumers cannot sign up for Discovery+ at the cheaper $4.99 per ad-supported monthly rate. That is expected to change in the future, however, with the announcement stating the ad-free version of Discovery+ will be available through Prime Video Channels “in the coming months.”


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