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Dish Increasing The Price Of Core Packages Next Month — Here Are The New Rates

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Dish is increasing the price of all of its core packages next month. As is so often the case with price increases, Dish is citing rising programming costs for the reason why it is now increasing its prices again in 2023.

Those that have been signed up to Dish for some time now might have been expecting a price increase soon. Besides the fact that many other services have been increasing their prices recently, Dish increased prices in November of 2021 and then again in November of 2022.

This year, it looks like the price increases are actually coming a little earlier than usual, as Dish has confirmed that it will be increasing the cost of its package offerings beginning October 12. 2023.

Most packages seem to be increasing by $5 a month, which is in line with previous Dish increases. For example, the America’s Top 120 plan is increasing to $92.99 a month, America’s Top 120 Plus plan is increasing to $97.99 a month, America’s Top 200 is increasing to $107.99, and America’s Top 250 is increasing to $117.99 a month.

Here is the full list of price changes taking effect on October 12, 2023:

Welcome Pack$54.99/mo
Smart Pack$60.99/mo
Flex Pack$62.99/mo
DISH America$77.99/mo
America’s Top 120$92.99/mo
America’s Top 120+$97.99/mo
America’s Top 200$107.99/mo
America’s Top 250$117.99/mo
America’s Everything Pack$142.99/mo
DishLATINO Básico$61.99/mo
DishLATINO Clásico$64.99/mo
DishLATINO Plus$71.99/mo
DishLATINO Dos$90.99/mo
DishLATINO Max$102.99/mo
Chinese Basic$20/mo
International Basic$20/mo

In addition to confirming the price increases, Dish said that it continues “to work hard for fair deals with these programmers to keep channel costs and the price you pay as low as possible. Unfortunately, you may have observed some channel interruptions because of this.”

The ‘channel interruptions‘ point is likely in relation to Dish’s recent dispute with Hearst Television, which resulted in the loss of 37 local channels earlier this month.

If you are an existing customer, you’ll likely be informed of these price changes in the coming days and weeks, if you haven’t already received confirmation.

After last year’s price increase, Dish introduced a new 3-Year TV Price Guarantee. As a result, customers still protected by that guarantee shouldn’t be affected by the price changes that are now due to take place next month.

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