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The Disney Bundle: What’s Included And Signing Up

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The Disney Bundle can be a great way to save on the cost of multiple subscriptions and gain access to a wide selection of entertainment shows, movies and live sports. While the bundle might not be the best solution for everyone, it does offer enough value that it may still be worth signing up even if you only want access to two of the services.


The Disney Bundle consists of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu. This is basic Hulu and not the live TV service, although a standard Hulu Live TV subscription now includes access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus removing the need to sign up to bundle. The total price of The Disney Bundle is $13.99 per month, and it is here where consumers can very clearly see the value that’s on offer.

The standard Disney Plus subscription is priced at $7.99 per month which is the most expensive of the three subscriptions. Both Hulu and ESPN Plus cost $6.99 per month each. If paying separately for all three, the total price would come out at $21.97 per month. On this basis alone, bundle subscribers are saving roughly $8 per month which is the equivalent to the cost of the standalone Disney Plus subscription. For reference, The $13.99 monthly bundle price is specifically for the Hulu with ads plan. For those wanting an ad-free Hulu experience, the price of the bundle increases to $19.99 per month to reflect the higher cost of the Hulu (No Ads) plan.


Considering this is effectively a pay for two, get a third free deal, some homes may find it is worth signing up to the bundle even if they don’t want the third service. Not only is the third service free, but some may actually save money each month. For example, if paying for Disney Plus and one of the other subscriptions, it is actually cheaper to just bundle all three together.

If not signed up to any of these subscription services and considering the bundle, signing up is easy enough. Simply head over to the Disney Plus website and sign up. In fact, consumers can also head to either the ESPN Plus website or the Hulu website and still sign up for the bundle by clicking on the ‘Get The Disney Bundle’ banner at the top of the page, which will redirect the user to the Disney Plus website. Once signed up through Disney Plus, the same email address can then be used to log in to both the ESPN Plus and Hulu apps or websites.

What if you already have a subscription?

If already subscribed to one of these services, signing up to the bundle isn’t complicated and doesn’t require you to cancel the existing subscription. That’s providing some requirements are met. Essentially, all an existing Disney Plus, Hulu or ESPN Plus subscriber has to do is sign up to The Disney Bundle with the same email address used for their existing subscription. This helps to inform Disney that the subscriptions are linked and helps to ensure the user only pays the difference between their current subscription cost and the combined bundle cost. The subscriber may continue to see a separate bill each month for their existing subscription, but they should also see a credit applied each month to the same value against the cost of The Disney Bundle subscription.

If using different email address, then they are treated as different subscriptions, meaning the consumer would need to cancel their existing subscription before signing up to the bundle with the alternative email address. An existing subscription can also only be upgraded to the bundle providing it was created directly through the service. In other words, if signed up through a third-party and/or not billed directly by the streaming service, then the existing subscription cannot be upgraded to a bundle subscription.


Another caveat is deals and promotional pricing. As long as the existing subscription(s) haven’t been discounted already, there should be no issues signing up. If they are discounted through a deal or promotion, the consumer will likely need to wait until after their promotional period has come to an end or risk losing the discount they are already getting. Of course, depending on the level of the discount, it may not be financially worth signing up to the bundle to begin with.

Lastly, if already subscribed to two of the services and looking to upgrade to the bundle without canceling both subscriptions, it is recommended to contact Disney Plus customer service to assist with the upgrade.

The Disney Bundle summary

The Disney Bundle offers consumers a way to save on the combined cost of a Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and a basic Hulu subscription. Even if primarily only wanting access to two of the three streaming services, it still may be worth considering signing up to the bundle, due to the potential saving each month. Those without an existing subscription to any of these services can simple sign up for the bundle to get started.

If already signed up to one of the services, it is fairly easy to upgrade to the bundle so long as the same email is used, the subscription is billed directly by the service and there are no current promotions in place. If already signed up to two of the three services, consumers may need to reach out to Disney customer services for assistance in migrating both subscriptions to the bundle, or consider canceling them and then signing up to The Disney Bundle.

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