Disney Has A Very Different Take On Why Channels Were Removed From Spectrum

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Disney Entertainment has responded to a number of claims made earlier today by Charter, following a dispute which resulted in the removal of Disney-owned channels from Charter’s Spectrum TV service.


As part of those claims, Charter argued that this was no ordinary dispute and that the current video ecosystem was broken. The company also said that it proposed a new model to Disney. One which would not only benefit customers, but the industry as a whole.

Disney has taken issue with many of those claims, according to a new statement given to a number of outlets, including ABC7 News. In spite of being offered “the most favorable terms on rates, distribution, packaging, advertising and more,” Disney says Charter refused to enter into a new agreement.


In addition, Charter was offered an extension to keep the networks live while negotiations continued but, again, Charter declined the extension.

As part of its proposed model, Charter wanted Disney to include its direct-to-consumer (DTC) apps in Spectrum TV packages.

In response, Disney said that it “proposed creative ways” to make its DTC apps available though Spectrum TV. However, Charter is demanding these services for free, something which Disney says goes against Charter’s “claims to value our direct-to-consumer services.”

Disney also took issue with Charter’s suggestion that Disney expects customers to pay twice for the same content. On this point, Disney argued that its linear channels and DTC services are not the same. They are complementary products, according to Disney.


In spite of the two very different perspectives, Disney did state that it values its relationship with Charter, and is still prepared to continue negotiating to ensure the removed channels are returned to Spectrum TV again.

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