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Dropped Local ABC Stations Now Returning To Hulu Live TV


Hulu Live TV channels 2022

A new deal between Hulu and Sinclair sees local ABC stations owned and operated by Sinclair returning to Hulu Live TV. This will be good news for any subscribers that had previously lost access to their local ABC affiliate last month.

Not all local ABC channels are owned by Sinclair and this means that only some were affected by the dispute. Hulu began emailing subscribers on March 8th advising them of the dispute, and confirming that they were losing access to their local ABC channel that same day.

While those local channels have remained unavailable to existing subscribers since then, as well as those signing up to Hulu Live TV for the first time, that’s now changing. Hulu has confirmed that the affected channels are now being added back to the channel lineup once again.

Hulu has started replying to various comments and questions on social media to confirm that it has regained the rights to carry the affected local ABC affiliates. The same social media replies also confirm that they are now in the process of becoming available again in affected areas.

If you are an existing Hulu Live TV subscriber that previously lost access to their local ABC affiliate last month, then you should now be able to see the local station available again in the live guide.

For some homes, the removal of the local ABC station resulted in them only having access to an On Demand Only version of the channel, making available content from the national ABC feed instead. Those subscribers are also likely to now find they have full access to the local channel once again.

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