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Free Peacock For Select Xfinity Rewards Members & Internet Customers Confirmed (For a Minimum of 2 Years)


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Comcast has now confirmed that select Xfinity Rewards members and Internet customers will continue to get Peacock Premium as a free perk. However, some will need to manually activate the freebie as a reward, and others will only get Peacock for free for two more years.

As a reminder, Comcast had previously confirmed that it was ending the free Peacock benefit, something that eligible Xfinity customers have had since the streaming service first launched. As previously stated by the company, June 26 is when Peacock will stop being included for free with Xfinity services. From then on, customers will need to pay for a Premium subscription, if they want to retain access to the streaming service.

That said, some Xfinity Internet customers will still be able to continue using Peacock for free after June 26. Comcast has now started emailing customers explaining the change and confirming that Peacock will remain available as a free perk to them on June 26.

Specifically, Comcast is emailing gig-speed internet customers to confirm that they are able to keep their free Premium subscription for two more years. As a result, their free Peacock will now come to an end on June 25, 2025.

Likewise, Xfinity Internet customers that are also Diamond or Platinum Xfinity Rewards members are receiving their own emails. What’s interesting here is that their email doesn’t seem to mention two years.

While we are unable to confirm whether Diamond or Platinum Xfinity Rewards members are also limited to two years, early indications seem to suggest that might not be the case. Instead, these members might be getting the free subscription as more of a permanent benefit. For now, at least.

For reference, Xfinity Rewards members will need to manually enable the free Peacock by redeeming the subscription through Xfinity Rewards, just like any other reward.

Based on the reports we are seeing, it looks like Comcast is actually emailing all affected customers right now. The email either explains that a customer is able to keep using the streaming service for free, or that they are losing access to their free Peacock benefit.

For those that find they are losing Peacock, they will be able to add it as a paid add-on, and at a discounted rate of only $2.99/mo. for the first 12 months. This is a $2 discount compared to the usual $4.99 per month cost of Peacock Premium.

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