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Frndly TV Adds Favorites And Other Most Requested Features


Frndly TV Favorites

Frndly TV has added some new features that the company says are some of the most requested by its customers. The new features are Favorites, My Stuff, and TV Series Page.

For those unfamiliar with Frndly TV, this is one of many live TV streaming services that you can currently sign up for. Unlike most of the others, however, the big selling point is the price. With plans starting at just $7 per month, Frndly TV significantly undercuts most other services that provide access to live TV channels over the internet.

In spite of being a super-cheap live TV service, Frndly TV looks to offer a rich user experience that includes wide device support and a 72 Hour Look Back feature. Those upgrading to either the $9 (Classic) or $11 (Premium) per month plan also get access to a cloud DVR for recording live TV.

With its latest round of new features and upgrades, Frndly TV is looking to even further improve the subscriber experience by making it easier to discover more content and access discovered content at a later time.

The first of the new features is Favorites. As the name suggests, Favorites makes it possible for subscribers to add a title to a personalized queue which they can then easily access at a later time.

Speaking of which, the addition of the Favorites function has also resulted in the addition of a new My Stuff section, which is where favorited content can now be found. Technically, My Stuff isn’t totally new as it has replaced the previous My Recordings tab.

Frndly TV My Stuff
Image: Frndly TV

The difference being that My Stuff not only houses recordings, but also favorite content and any titles the subscriber has started but not yet finished.

The final new feature is the TV Series Page and this is also fairly self-explanatory. If, for example, a subscriber wants to watch The Curse of Oak Island, they can now go to The Curse of Oak Island TV page and check out a full list of available episodes.

For reference, while all three of the new features are available to Classic and Premium subscribers, those signed up to the cheapest Basic plan are only getting access to the new TV Series Page feature.

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  1. Absolutely hate that my recordings are no longer alphabetical, especially as the FrndlyTV search function is never reliable. Horrible update. Stinky horrible

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