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Frndly TV Will Carry The New MeTV Toons Channel


Frndly TV new channel announcement for MeTV Toons

Frndly TV has confirmed that it will carry the new MeTV Toons channel after it goes live later last this month. MeTV Toons is set to offer access to a variety of popular classic cartoons.

Details of the launch of a new classic cartoon channel first emerged in early May. Since then, the programming lineup has been confirmed to include Cartoon All-Stars (Casper, Droopy, Mr. Magoo, Popeye, Tom & Jerry, and Woody Woodpecker, among others), Flintstones Family Sunday, Scooby Doo! Sunday Specials and much more.

All of which makes the new MeTV Toons channel a great option for fans of classic cartoons. MeTV Toons is also set to be offered as a free over-the-air station, so that will likely be the cheapest way to watch its content overall.

While a version of the channel is also expected to eventually make its way to ad-supported services and platforms, this is not expected to be exactly the same as the broadcast channel.

For those looking for a live TV service that carries the channel, with monthly plans starting at just $7.99, Frndly TV is set to be one of the more affordable options. Frndly TV already carries both MeTV and MeTV+, the latter of which was added in October of last year.

For reference, MeTV Toons is currently scheduled to go live on June 25. Whether Frndly TV will be carrying the channel on that day remains unclear, but it is now at least confirmed to be coming to the live TV service’s lineup at some point in the very near future.

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