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Frndly TV Subscribers Gain Access To MeTV+ A Day Earlier Than Expected


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Frndly TV has now added MeTV+ to its channel lineup. While the live TV streaming service had previously confirmed MeTV+ was being added in October, the channel has gone live a day earlier than previously expected.

For those new to the channel in general, there is no fundamental difference between MeTV and MeTV+. Instead, the + version simply provides fans of the network with a channel where they can watch even more of their favorite MeTV shows and content.

Last month, Frndly TV announced it was expanding its MeTV coverage through the addition of MeTV+, and the original plan was for the channel to be added on October 4th. However, Frndly TV made the surprise announcement today, confirming that the channel is now live and can already be found in the channel guide. Frndly TV said it had been working hard behind the scenes to launch MeTV+ a day early for subscribers.

As pointed out in the announcement post, Frndly TV is now the first streaming service to carry MeTV+ as part of its live TV channel lineup.

The addition of MeTV+ comes just one day after Frndly TV confirmed Pursuit Channel and Waypoint TV had also been added to the channel lineup. This week hasn’t been all additions, however, as Frndly TV also confirmed that Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network were being removed from its live TV packages.

Following the three channel additions, and two channel removals, this week, Frndly TV now offers access to 48 live TV channels in total. As a reminder, Frndly TV plans start at just $7.99 a month, making it an affordable way to access a number of popular live TV channels, including MeTV+.

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