Fubo Adding Back Support For Samsung Smart TVs

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Last month, Fubo suddenly stopped supporting Samsung smart TVs for new users. While the change didn’t affect Fubo subscribers who already had the app installed on their TV, the live TV service removed the option to download a fresh version of the app on a Samsung TV.


At the time, it was unclear as to why this change was being made. All we knew was that Fubo had stopped listing Samsung TVs as supported devices, and had been updating its Help Center documentation to confirm the change.

The message that was being presented to those viewing Help Center pages was as follows:


“The Fubo app on Samsung Smart TVs will no longer be available for new customers as of August 4, 2023. For current customers that installed the Fubo app on their Samsung Smart TV on or before August 4, 2023, the app will remain available and will continue to receive updates as long as it is installed.”

Fubo Help Center (now deleted)

Now, however, Fubo appears to be in the process of adding back support for Samsung TVs. While Samsung is still not listed on Fubo’s Apps and Devices page (it was earlier this year), the official supported devices list was updated yesterday and does now confirm 2015 and newer Samsung smart TVs are supported. Likewise, the message shown above has since been removed from the various Help Center pages.

Just as it was unclear why support was removed, it is also unclear what exactly has changed in the past month to unlock support for Samsung TVs again.

One possibility is the new app experience that’s now rolling out. Fubo is in the process of updating its apps to offer a new design and user experience. It is possible that the new app is compatible with Samsung TVs while the older one wasn’t for some reason. Then again, this might just be a coincidence.

After all, we’re not aware of any other platforms or devices that lost and regained support over the past few weeks. Not to mention, a Help Center page dedicated to the Samsung TV app interface was also updated earlier this month and the images appear to show the old design and interface still in use.


Either way, and barring any other more sudden U-turns, it looks like Samsung TV owners should once again be able to download the Fubo app directly on their TV.

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