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fuboTV Down For Many, Subscribers Unable To Access Their Account


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fuboTV is currently experiencing a technical issue that affects a subscriber’s ability to log in to their account and stream live TV. The problem also seems to affect the ability for new users to sign up for an account. fuboTV is currently aware of the outage and working on a fix, although it remains unclear when the problem will be resolved.

fuboTV is a good option for streaming live TV over the internet. It can be particularly good for homes looking for increased access to live sports including the World Cup. In addition to the selection of live TV channels, subscribers also get access to a DVR for recording movies, shows, and live sports, as well as an on-demand section with videos that are available to watch at any time.

However, some existing subscribers have woken up today to find out that they cannot actually log into their account, preventing them from also streaming any live TV, recordings, or on-demand shows. fuboTV acknowledged the problem earlier today, explaining that the service is currently investigating the issue and “working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

For some users, they may just simply be unable to watch anything. For others, the issue may have resulted in them being logged out of their account and then unable to log back in again.

In addition to affecting existing subscribers, the same problem seems to be stopping new ones from signing up for a subscription. Attempting to head over to the fubo TV website and start a free trial simply results in a loading screen that never actually loads anything, preventing the user from creating a new account.

Again, fuboTV is aware of the problem and is currently working to resolve the issue. However, it does remain unclear as to how long a fix will take. It also remains unclear just what exactly is causing the problem. With a World Cup semi-final due to take place in a couple of hours, many sports fans will be hoping the issue is resolved by then.

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5 responses to “fuboTV Down For Many, Subscribers Unable To Access Their Account”

  1. Ready to get a new streaming service! Down more than up, how about refunding people for no service

  2. nfl and the world cup is the only reason I carry Fubo
    today they screwed up my World Cup. now I don’t know if I can trust them for the last 2 games.

  3. looking at cancelling service. this is the worst possible outage. And NO STATUS? ETA…Nothing!

  4. fuboTV Status
    14 minutes ago Updated
    [Update – 2:30 PM ET]

    Apologies to customers who are having issues during the France/Morocco match. Currently, FOX is providing a free 60-minute preview of their live stream on their website. Visit while we continue working on getting this issue resolved.

  5. oh the irony that Fubo goes down today during a semi final match for the World Cup

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