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fuboTV: How Many Devices Can Stream at the Same Time

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fuboTV allows subscribers to stream on up to two devices at the same time. However, that’s just the default position with most fuboTV subscribers already receiving at least three simultaneous streams. In some cases, the number could be as high as thirteen devices at the same time, depending on the plan, add-ons, devices and locations.


Having access to as many same-time streams as possible is almost as important as the price or the number of channels included with a live TV subscription. In spite of this, simultaneous streams are not discussed as often as they should be, leading the number of streams to become one of the areas where consumers tend to find out the hard way – after they’ve signed up and are paying for a service.

Spending some time getting to know the simultaneous streams policy of a service like fuboTV can help to make sure that when it does come to signing up, it is the right service for your individual or household’s needs.


fuboTV and its two streams

Technically, fuboTV only provides access to two streams at the same time. This is the company’s current default position and relates to the service’s Starter, Elite and Latino Quarterly plans. However, this is the advertised limit and should therefore be considered as the absolute minimal number of streams available.

In terms of what a fuboTV subscriber can actually expect, this depends on the plan. The Starter and Latino Quarterly plans currently come with the ability to stream on up to three devices at the same time, the same as YouTube TV. In contrast, Elite subscribers get access to up to thirteen devices at the same time. However, ten of those thirteen devices can only be used when connected to the home network. If streaming away from home, then only three devices at the same time are available.

PlanStreamsPrice p/m
Latino Quarterly3$33

While each plan listed above offers its own unique number of streams, things are not that straightforward. The reason for this, it is the add-on that actually dictates the exact number of streams, not the fuboTV plan.


fuboTV extra streams add-ons

fuboTV offers two main stream-related add-ons, Family Share and Unlimited Screens. These tewo subscription upgrades differ in terms of the price and the number of streams they add to a fuboTV subscription.

Family Share$5.991
Unlimited Screens$9.9910

While fuboTV subscribers can opt to include these add-ons with their subscription, the main plans already include at least one of them. This is how subscribers are able to get more than two streams, even though that is the default number.

For example, the Starter plan already includes the Family Share add-on taking the total number of streams from two to three. Likewise, the Elite plan comes bundled with both the Family Share and Unlimited Screens add-ons, boosting the number of streams to ten at home plus an additional Family Share stream, resulting in an overall total of thirteen.


As the add-ons are already included in the plans, subscribers can’t automatically add the same add-on to increase the number of streams. If they do want to increase the number, then they will need to add the upgrade that’s not included with their subscription.

For example, as the Starter subscriber already gets access to the Family Share add-on, subscribers can only add the Unlimited Screen upgrade to their package. In contrast, as both the Family Share and Unlimited Screens add-ons are already bundled with Elite, subscribers can’t increase the number of streams any further. Regardless of the plan or add-on, the absolute maximum number of streams fuboTV currently offers is thirteen.


Streaming when away from home?

As mentioned, streaming live TV at home or away from home also impacts on the number of streams available. For example, while the Elite plans comes with the ability to simultaneously stream on thirteen devices, this is dependent on very specific circumstances. When away from home, the number of devices an Elite subscriber can stream on is reduced down to three.

The opposite is true as well. When streaming while connected to the home network, the absolute maximum number of streams available at the same time is ten. Therefore, the only way an Elite subscriber can watch on all thirteen devices at the same time is to stream on ten devices connected to the home network, while also streaming on three additional devices that are not connected to the home network.

In short, the maximum number of away from home streams that can be accessed at the same time is currently three. This is irrespective of the fuboTV plan or the add-ons.

fuboTV simultaneous streams summary

Overall, fuboTV has a generous, albeit confusing, simultaneous streams policy. Essentially, all fuboTV subscribers have access to at least two streams at the same time. In real terms, Starter and Latino Quarterly subscribers can watch on up to three devices at the same time. While Elite subscribers are gifted with the option to stream on up to thirteen devices at the same time, this is dependent on location and the devices used.

These stream limits are not specific to the plan, but the add-ons included with a plan. As a result, the ability to add more streams largely depends on which add-ons are already bundled with a subscription. Either way, thirteen streams at the same time is the absolutely maximum fuboTV currently offers and that’s only accessible under certain circumstances.

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