fuboTV Hit 590,000 Subscribers During Strongest Q1

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fuboTV had more than 590,000 subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2021. Although it is still some distance away from the subscriber numbers enjoyed by Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, fuboTV is continuing to increase its user base at a steady rate.


fuboTV has always placed a focus on sports content, although it has been working on expanding its non-sports content in recent times. With more news and entertainment channels than ever before, the service is likely to appeal to more consumers than before. However, with plans starting at $65 per month, the live TV service’s entry point is priced identical to Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, and significantly higher than Sling TV.

As part of its Q1 2021 release, fuboTV confirmed it ended the first quarter of this year with 590,430 subscribers. This not only represents a 105-percent year-over-year increase, but also an eight-percent increase (43,000) on the previous quarter. Along with a 135-percent year-over-year increase in revenue, fuboTV says the three-month period marked its “strongest first quarter in its history.”


Building on this point, fuboTV’s co-founder and CEO, David Gandler, explained the first quarter was “an inflection point” for the company. Generally, fuboTV tends not to focus on quarter-over-quarter results, preferring to draw attention to the ‘seasonality of sports’ and how it affects the company’s subscriber numbers. However, the first quarter of 2021 was different, as it was the first time the service observed quarter-over-quarter revenue and subscriber growth during the first quarter. Gandler suggested this was the result of the value, content and experience that fuboTV offers to subscribers.

Still some way away from the others

In spite of the first quarter marking an important point in time for fuboTV, the live TV streaming service still massively trails others. For example, Sling TV recently confirmed its subscriber base remains over two million. Likewise, Hulu Live TV is delivering live TV channels over the internet to no less than four million subscribers, while YouTube TV was over three million at last count. In spite of being some way away from one million, let alone the two, three or four million mark, fuboTV is continuing to add new subscribers at a steady pace.

Of course, fuboTV does appear to be doing better than AT&T when it comes to no-contract live TV subscribers. Once one of the leading services in this sector, AT&T TV Now continued to lose subscribers each quarter. More recently, AT&T merged its Now service with its standard AT&T TV service and no longer reports specific numbers for those remaining on an AT&T TV Now plan. Furthermore, with AT&T TV offering both no-contract and two-year plans, it is also difficult to determine exactly how many comparable subscribers AT&T has to fuboTV, let alone any of the others.


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