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Google Is Offering 27-Day Max Free Trials To Chromecast Owners


Chromecast with Google TV displaying Max app

Google has started emailing Chromecast with Google TV owners to offer them the option to try Maxon us.” Eligible device owners are being offered a 27-day free trial to test out the HBO Max replacement.

Long before HBO Max became Max, the streaming service stopped offering free trials to new subscribers. While it is still possible to get a Max free trial through services like YouTube TV, there are usually no free trials offered directly by Max.

For those that own a Chromecast with Google TV, however, it now looks like they now have the option of trying out Max for around four weeks for free, and without the need to be signed up to any other services.

As mentioned, this promotion is currently being offered via email, so there’s no specific promo code that we are aware of. Basically, if you get the email, then you can take advantage of the offer. The promotion has gone live today (September 5) and eligible Chromecast users (who are also new to Max in general) will have up until October 5, 2023 to redeem the offer.

We’ve received the mail and can confirm that the promotion is only being offered to “Chromecast with Google TV users in the US who have agreed to receive Chromecast email marketing.” More specifically, the T&Cs confirm that the offer is available to customers who completed the setup of any Chromecast with Google TV device (4K or 2K) before 9/1/2023.

Interestingly, the finer details also suggests that anyone purchasing (and completely setup) of either a Chromecast with Google TV (4K) or a Pixel Tablet between today (9/5/2023) and 2/29/2024 will also be eligible for the promotion, providing they have also opted in to receive email marketing as well.

It should also be noted that the promotion is only for the With Ads Max plan. Max offers multiple subscriptions to choose from, and as the name suggests, the With Ads tier is an ad-supported subscription.

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