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Google TV Adds 25 New Free Channels, Including Baywatch and Top Gear


Google TV new free channels

Google TV has now added more than 25 new free TV channels. All of the new channels, as well as the existing lineup of free channels, can be accessed directly through the Live tab on supported devices.

While there are plenty of services that offer access to free live TV and on-demand programming, those with access to a device powered by Google TV have the added benefit of being able to access many of the same channels without the need of an additional app.

Google TV’s live channels experience first became available in April of this year, and even at launch, offered access to more than 800 live channels. This number relates to the total number of channels available, and relies on the help of multiple providers, including Tubi, Plex and Haystack News.

However, a much smaller number of these channels are directly offered by Google TV, and it is this selection of built-in Google TV Channels that have now grown further today, thanks to the addition of more than 25 new free TV channels.

Following the latest additions, the total number of built-in Google TV Channels now stands at over 100. Once again, these new channels don’t require any additional apps and span various genres, including game shows, music channels, multicultural entertainment, and more.

There are also channels from BBC and Lionsgate, as well as specific channels dedicated to hit TV shows like Baywatch and Top Gear.

As is usually the case with updates to Google TV, these new channels are not only expected to become available to those with a Chromecast with Google TV or Onn Streaming Box, but also a number of select Android TV devices as well.

Back in July, Google TV and Android TV users also gained access to The Roku Channel app, unlocking access to even more free live and on demand content.

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