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Half Of A Streaming Service’s User Base Will Sign Up And Cancel Within A Year

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Half of a streaming service’s user base will sign up and cancel within a year, according to new consumer survey data. Over the past year, there have been a number of data points coming through that collectively suggest streaming service cancelations are on the rise.

In the past, it had seemed as though consumers were content with paying for multiple subscription services at the same time. Following the continual increase in the number of services available, along with what feels like annual price increases, consumers now appear to be far more selective in terms of their streaming subscriptions.

Subscribers also now appear more unlikely to remain a long-term subscriber than before. According to Parks Associates, consumer churn for streaming video services now averages at roughly 50% across the year. The takeaway here being “one-half of a streaming service’s user base will sign up and quit within any given year.”

Parks Associates also found that Net Promoter Scores for streaming services have dropped, after reaching a high during the pandemic. Considering Net Promoter Scores are used as a measure of how likely someone is to recommend a service, it would seem consumers are more unhappy with streaming services than they were during the pandemic, This would seem to further back up the suggestion that cancelations are on the rise.

Earlier today, a new survey from Tubi indicated that, in addition to spending more on streaming services than on gas, consumers believe they are spending too much on streaming in general. Tubi’s survey also found that 71% of Gen Z and millennials are growing tired of tiered services that force them to pay more for certain content.

While increases in the number of streaming services and the cost appear to be common reasons for canceling streaming services, a separate study last month from Parks Associates found that ‘difficulty finding content’ and ‘popular shows being canceled or removed‘ were other top reasons for canceling a streaming service.

John Finn
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John Finn

By John Finn

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In a bid to keep up to date on the industry, John actively subscribes to multiple streaming services at the same time. However, John continues to advocate that the best approach for consumers is to rotate between streaming services as needed.

A Psychology graduate from England, who now lives in the US, John previously worked in the aviation industry as an airline reviewer. While reviewing airlines isn't quite the same as reviewing devices and streaming services, John brings the same analytical eye to all of his reviews and industry analysis, along with a special emphasis on what's best for the consumer.

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The streaming services and content producers started to view subscribers as “the product.” Subscribers now are simply letting them know that their service is the product and that low quality with high prices is not all that appealing. We’ll pick and choose what we want, and then we’ll leave–maybe to return later… maybe much later, or maybe not at all.

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